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tv   News  ABC  November 1, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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harmful chemicals found in a baby shampoo. two murders in ten days, workers at perkins hospitals are saying about making a safer place for everyone. desperate calls to 911, what people had to say as emergency responders after seeing a huge ball of fire in the sky that felt the earth shake. we told you that story yesterday. good morning may recall i'm charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of the forecast and say hello to
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justin berk. little cluster of rain trying to work down 95, coming out of aberdeen, this maybe clipping middle river, you may get a brief sprinkle or shower and it's on the edge of kent county as well. we will wrap around a departing storm. maybe coastal areas of arundel that get the shower. we will watch in the next hour. this is wrapping around that coastal storm. the cloud line pushing through western baltimore, howard county now and the stars should be visible in carol and frederick counties. sunshine, to a high of 56 this afternoon. back to the roads, here is tonya. harford, gibson road, an accident involving a dear. slow down out there. taking a live look at the traffic cameras, this is the beltway, near 795, old court
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road, stop and go traffic, slow and go. all the way around the edmonton, that's how long the delay will last. jfx, moving well southbound, where most volume is now. moving south towards cold spring lane. no incidents in your way as you head downtown towards fayette street. drive times affected in certain spots. 95, white marsh 7 minutes. outer loop, 8 minutes. 10 minutes between 795 and 70. parents if you use johnson and johnson baby shampoo, we have a warning. a group is calling for the company to remove two chemicals considered harmful. kuren redmond is standing by with more on the details of the developing story. >> reporter: many parents use johnson and johnson baby products. this warning could come as a surprise to a trusted name. campaign for safe cosmetics are urging johnson and johnson to
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remove two chemicals. the group says they can cause cancer. there are trace amounts of both chemicals in the baby sham poon, one of the company's signature products. the group surging customers to boycott johnson and johnson until the company agrees to remove the chemicals. they have come out to say it's phasing out chemicals but did not respond to the campaign's demands. the consumer advocacy group has a website, it's under safety see they have a link, johnson baby shampoo, double standard. get more information about what the problem is. also they have a link for people to sign up in favor of johnson and johnson removing the chemicals from the product and a facebook page that gives you informs about this campaign. the group recently sent a letter to johnson and johnson,
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urging the company to commit by 15th of november to remove the chemicals from all products. people who work at the cliffton t perkins mental hospital say they feed to be a part of a discussion to solve problems. there have been two murders there. workers say the condition inside are tense to say the least. people could use the help at perkins to help the hospital prevent violence and says the people are there on staff. until they start listening to those folks that work with the clients, i think there is going to be more problems. >> perkins is the only facility in the state for violent offenders ruled incompetent to stand trial or not criminally responsible for actions. the head of the department health and mental hygiene rereleased a statement saying new safety measures will be implemented. a scary halloween for bourbon street in new orleans.
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a shooting killed a person and hurt 7 others. it happened before midnight, no word on any arrests. new this morning, a chance for the phis time to hear the 911 calls after a grain elevator exploded in kansas that left 6 people dead and two others injured. listen to the call the dispatchers received. no wood oncause. officials released a statement monday noting dust from the mill grain could be explosive under certain conditions. leading presidential candidate herman cane is addressing accusations of
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sexual harassment dating back 15 years. when cain was the president of the national restaurant association in the 90s, at least two women complained about inappropriate sexually suggestive behavior. the women left the association afaccepting financial settlement in exchange for silence. cain was silent until yesterday. >> we ended upsetelling for what would have been a termination settlement quite frankly. >> what would that be? >> 3 months salary. >> mr. cain called the controversy a witch hunt and says in his 40 years of business he never harassed anyone. a group is stirring up controversy over this sign. shows leaders including president barack obama as zombies. this has people outraged. it has a bullet hole through
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its head. >> that's terrible. that's the president of the united states. that's so disrespectful and not even necessary. >> you can't take it back. >> the group apologized for the images. good chance you haven't taken down the halloween decorations but the stores want you to plan for christmas. if you plan on traveling this holiday season, there is hidden fees when it comes to where you are staying. that story just ahead. live look at i-83 at shawan road.
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live look at i-83, shawan road. traffic is moving relatively smoothly. follow us on twitter@maryland , the full word maryland, traffic, again at maryland traffic follow us on twitter. more on traffic in a bit with tonya. finds yourself more of your favorite disney shows on netflix and amazon unveiling deals with disney. they both say their members will be able to stream tv shows. netflix expanding deal with disney and adding titles to the existing library. planning to hit the mall for black friday? the day after thanksgiving? macy's announce they had will open doors to more than 400 locations at midnight thanksgiving night. the earliest they've ever
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opened.. u.s. hotels are on track to bring in $1.8 billion by year's end. up 0% from a year ago. your commute got a little more expensive. the toll hike has gun. i'm linda so, how much more money you will need to get through. i'm sherrie johnson, live in east baltimore, the new green route busline has just kicked off. see the bus in the distance there. i will have the story coming up. no new bank fees, that's what customers demanded and that's what they are getting from many banks. overnight storm pulling out. some of you seeing the clearing. we've got rain on the most powerful doppler radar.
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slow topside, and the northwest side of the beltway, you are doing okay 95 at 175. more traffic when good morning maryland continues.
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time for your news to go. your pocketbook, kuren redmond talks about new fees banks are adding and some subtracting. linda so is live about tolls and a new route begins for the charm city circular. first let's a check of the forecast and say hello to justin berk. good morning, michael hoffman wrote me and likes the notion of the big bubble of no trouble. we are not quite there yet but about to get there. watch the gasp of the storm bringing us rain. see from perryman and aberdeen, making a dive to the southwest and about to turn the corner. we are going to hug around coastal arundel county and kent
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island, rock hall gets wet. weave got clear skies to our west. check out our temperatures this morning, 41 bel air and towson. 41 columbia. i'm at thunder hill elementary in a couple of days. excited for that visit in the cool kids campaign. there goes our big bubble of no trouble with sunshine building in this afternoon, high temperature of 56 degrees. good looking day weatherwise, the traffic, here is tonya. arundel county crane highway an accident with injuries. look out for delays. a live look at our traffic cameras, starting out on the beltway on the southwest side going through kayton'sville. the end of the delay, past the end of the delay, going to start near old court road. topside, look 695 at providence. that delay will start around harford road. that is going to be slow off and on to york.
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back to you. fort mc henry tunnel. you are about to pay more when traveling through. that's the purple line, there is linda so with more on what is going on with the toll rates. live at the fort mc henry toll plaza. >> reporter: this is a cheaper way to get through, if you have an easy pass your rate will be cheaper getting through any one of the tolls including here. you can see the numbers on the booth have changed. they changed as of 12:01 this morning. it's going to cost $3 instead of $2. toll rates are going up by $1 at the harbor tunnel. if you want to cross the bay bridge, 4 bucks. this is the first wave that were approved by the maryland transportation authority in september. another round coming in two years in 2014. rates will go up again. the extra money will go to repair the roads, bridges and
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tunnels but for drivers pay r more for gas that hits them hard. >> how people are strapped for money. gas is starting to go down but not that much. >> reporter: if you don't pay a toll the fines will r going up. the state will use video cameras to catch violaters you could be charged up to $15, before it was $3. green line opens today. sherrie johnson is live in east baltimore with more on the launch and what it could mean for jobs and the american jobs act. >> good morning. all new this morning, the green route is in effect. look behind me. see it is stopping here on broadway and east baltimore picking up folks here, just
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launched at 6:30 this morning. you can see it there. let me tell you something, today it's a fleet of about 21 free shuttles that serve baltimore city. the buses serve residents, employees, students and tourists, way to reduce congestion. this service just started at 6:30 this morning, as you can see it's up and running. now the green route runs from city hall to fells point to johns hopkins, the hybrid service is every 15 minutes and today baltimore city mayor, stephanie rawlings blake and others will gather at 10:30 to launch the green line officially. the mayor plans to call on congress to support the rebuild america jobs act. it includes $50 billion in much needed funding for transportation projects around the country. this would help road, rail and airport transportation projects, plus an additional
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$10 billion for an infrastructure bank. we saw the green route for the charm city circulator on its way on the move and picking up people since 6:30 this morning. repotting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. mta holding a series of open houses on purple line, connecting communities in the prince georges and montgomery area. the first open house is from 50:00 the 8:30 at the college park campus and prince georges room. belinda conway will announce a federal election complaint. says it's about a major documented irregularity. we learned overnight more banks are doing away with the monthly debit card fees. kuren redmond is here with us to tell us how the banks decided to drop the fees after all more and more are getting on board.
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customers became furious when bank of america announced it would charge $5 fees. big bakes followed. after a backlash and protest, many banks said they would do away with the fees. sun trust announced its eliminated the fee, scheduled to take place on november 2nd. customers who pay the fee will be reimbursed. wells fargo announced it has plans to test the fee in five states, along with jp morgan. bank of america hasn't decided if it will cancel plans to charge customers $5 monthly fee. activists designated november 5th as bank transfer day urging customers to switch to a small bank or credit union if they continue to charge the fee. >> i'm looking for new bank. that's great. i'm glad they decided to do
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away with them. >> of were chargeing to make up for regulation that slashed the fees. fed ex is giving away a million dollars in gift cards today through facebook. all in an effort to support small businesses first come first serve and kick off at 1:00. amtrak announced extending free wireless internet to dozens of east coast routes. toyota unveiling latest creation. its ients.
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decade after named statute honoring ronald hay began will be unveiled at the airport that now bears his name. ceremony takes place at 11:00 this morning. could be traffic delays around the airport. garbage collectors will be celebrated today. officials will say thank you to the men and women who collect and deliver 2000-tons of trash everyday from the city. check this out, severe weather over in night as it moves through florida. we've got pictures this gas station -- collapsed. we had our own problems here, good news this morning, improvement on the energy front in maryland 3500 people without power, that's down from the peak of 43,000 from this weekend's storms. the snow west of the beltway and in pennsylvania, down to 100,000, after the peak of
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halve a million people without power. check this out, showers we were watching this cluster, may clip arundel county. look out for possibility of showers. this stuff diving towards the southwest. the storm off the coast and a impressive look, see any circulation here. this is what happened over the weekend. flair up, once it runs in to the atlantic. this one not turning the corner up the coast, racing out to sea. the cloud line cutting through baltimore. if you get outside, you may look up and see clouds covering half the sky ask clearing towards the west. high pressure builds in, and a lot of nothing going on for the next couple of days. it is november, typically we start november with normal high temperature of 62. taking a day or two to get back to normal. as we watch the storm depart and basically looking at the winds, relatively strong, just along the coastal areas, we got
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relatively light winds for the next couple of days. 62 normal high. there will be clearing skies this morning. breezy and that should ease up tonight back down to 32. milder by the bay. better chance of frost to chip away tomorrow morning. 60 degrees tomorrow. 62 thursday. upper 50s with showers on friday. we dry out in to next weekend. crane highway southbound, accident-clean up at 175, arundel county. beltway is stop and go out there. this is on the outer loop, near 795, old court road. an accident on the shoulder, inner loop, edmonton, the inner loop accident that is still there. looking at the jfx, northern parkway, the southbound traffic is moving pretty well. no problems to report as you make your way towards cold
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spring lane and the 41st street overpass past north to downtown. don't forget the tolls have gone up today. >> weather and traffic coming up at the:25. have a great tuesday.
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